“Your Beauty Will Come Back”: Beautiful Curvy Lady Joins Army, Her Transformation Photos Cause Stir

A very beautiful lady, @ohemaarosepapabi, has gone online to share a video that had photos of how she looked before and after she joined the military.

Sharing the photos, she told people to observe how she changed physically after becoming a soldier.

Lady’s looks transformed after joining the military

At the start of the clip, she looks very feminine with all her curves highlighted by her clothes. Seconds after, her face is almost unrecognisable as she wore an officer’s uniform.

Standing beside a male officer, the lady rocked a low cut. She looked totally different from her previous photos.

Watch the video below:


As of the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 200 comments with more than 14,000 likes.

 some of the reactions below:

Brymo said:

“You now resemble the guy you took the picture with.”

Linda korang said:

“The service will humble u.”

emmanuelnanakojom said:

“Don’t worry your beauty will come back.”

adwoakordie13 said:

“I will come out looking like worms, all my bones broken, btw Congratulations.”

Brownexia said:

“You’re still beautiful. Just stronger now.”

lawrenceacheampo35 said:

“Massive transformation.”

pEArl said:

“Girl changed so much I needed the military picture to even remember you. woow it’s been long.”

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