“Treat Him Well”: Mum Gets Pregnant, Gives Birth to Her Own Kid After Adopting Orphan, Video Goes Viral

A TikToker named MartinetteLHG has said she got pregnant three months after adopting a baby boy.

According to the mum, she has given birth to her biological baby after the adoption.

In a video that has gone viral on TikTok, she happily showed off the two kids as they now live as one big family.

Though it is not known if she previously found it hard getting pregnant before the adoption, TikTokers are in agreement that the adopted baby brought her good luck.

Others are even asking her where she adopted the child so that they can do the same.

In several other videos on her handle, she could be seen showering the adopted child with ample love.

Watch the video below:


A one year old and a two year old!!! #fyp #ourstory #adoptionawareness #cochlearimplantkids #adoption #biological #momlife #brotherlove #littlesis #deaf

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Reactions from TikTok users

@kkTrisha said:

“He is a blessing to your family so treat them equally.”

@bessiesamanga commented:

“It shows that sometimes we need to do some good things in order for God to bless us.”

@staceyvanrooyen said:

“Beautiful who did you adopt through?”

@simone said:

“It’s a blessing, I’ve adopted a son when he was 4 months. He is 5 years now. I was blessed with a daughter in April, gone even thou she was taken back.”

@Me commented:

“That how God blesses his people. Don’t stop loving him.”

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