“They Will Be Friends for Life”: Twin Girls Get Pregnant, Give Birth at Same Time, Video Stuns Netizens

Terrilyn revealed that she and her sister got pregnant at the same time and birthed their babies at the same time.

While sharing a video of the sweet girls playing together, she noted that the girls will definitely be friends for life because they were born at the same time by twin sisters.

The caption read:

“You and your twin sister got pregnant and had babies at the same time. We’re Irish twins but our babies will be friends for life.”

Social media reactions

@geminimistress said:

“Y’all genes are strong Strong. they are the same just different shades of adorable.”

@alesharowland4 stated:

“OMG looks at those beautiful little smiles. I can’t even, beautiful babies.”

@nothingcompares2you reacted:

“I had to look up Irish twins as I’ve never actually heard that term before! turns out I’m one myself, cute babies.”

@irenesnoopije noted:

“I’ve just seen sisters have twin girls each really close but no twins in the family.”

@reecee0617 said:

“And the babies look like twins just different skin tone awwww they will be besties.”

@katherinew71 remarked:

“Lord look at them sweet babies right there! All my southern accent comes out at this level of sweetness.”

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