“They Never Recognised Me”: Mum Returns Home after Years in America in Video but Her Kids Don’t Remember Her

A video of a mother who lived abroad reuniting with her children has stirred mixed reactions on social media.

In the TikTok clip, the woman showed up at the house and was received by her shocked children.

She had been residing in the United States for three years and didn’t tell them she was coming home. The woman said that her kids did not recognise her.

In the clip, the younger kids stared at her as if trying to figure out who stood before them while the older kids hugged her.

“After 3 years I left my kids travelled to US I returned home to surprise them but they never recognise me. They were like who is this? Love of a mother,” she wrote in the caption.

Watch the video below:


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Social media reactions

Safiatu Kallon said:

“See me dea smile lek mumu but this feeling so good.”

Sanni Itunu Oluwatosin said:

“Wow wow they really take good care of your children.”

gift said:

“Take your time change their life to your own you look sweet.”

user3943631644339 said:

“Ddy cant recognize u again expecially d small baby.”

sommy491 said:

“You say you travel to U S after 3yrs ,welcome back ma.”

55761817069272fatmatapratt said:

“Wow, they are so happy to see you, the love of a mother is powerful.”

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