Talented Little Boy Builds Mini Excavator, Mower, and Vacuum Cleaner, Video Leaves Many in Awe

A genius Ghanaian child innovator has put his talent to use by building several electronic devices that include an excavator, mower, and vacuum cleaner.

The boy, whose name is yet to be known, built the machines with cheap materials but managed to achieve his goal.

Despite his limited resources, components of the excavator, including the bucket, arm, and boom, are all functioning.

Displaying how the devices work

In a video seen by Cliqloaded, the boy operates his newly built mini construction equipment, mower, and vacuum cleaner in the presence of a uniformed military man and other spectators.

The military man was visibly stunned as he urged the boy to show the world the machines. The boy’s devices worked perfectly without any malfunction.

Other onlookers present were equally mesmerised as they expressed delight over the boy’s creativity.

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions

The video has also left several people on social media awed.

According to Berry Gh, Ghana has got talent.

“Hmm this Ghana, we get the talent … What we know is the book always. You learn eight subjects; when you fail one your life ends.

“May God help our motherland Ghana.”

Thomas Odomankomah Fynn Senior said:

“Ghana has the idea but some of our leaders are not helping the nation. This talented boy, Apostle Kantanka, etc all those people need the government support but not need only like that my prayer is that may the Lord God appoint new governor for our country development and lawyerly so that there will be faithfulness in the country Amen.”

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