Smart Little Girl Plays Game with Her Mum, Guesses Names of Drinks Correctly without Looking

A playful mother arranged five glasses containing different drinks and hid them under a carton.

She made tiny round holes in the carton and plunged straws into it. The funny mother wanted her little daughter to identify the drinks without seeing the content of the glass cups.

In a lovely video, the little girl sipped the drinks and guessed all the names correctly. The video has stunned people online who referred to her as a genius.

Social media users applaud little girl

Bangapot said:

“My ovaries oo.”

Zee17179 stated:

“Good orange.”

Monifamu2021 reacted:

“Good job sweetpea.”

Queen_belle_sings reacted:

“Awwwn she’s so adorable.”

Okotiejoy noted:

“Good orange.”

Foonlawlar said:

“It’s her NEXT for me. super duper adorable.”

Sparkleexuberant_wristwatch remarked:

“Aawwwwnnn I join you shout this shout oo.”

Its_mr_iyke stated:

“My neighbours from the trenches can’t relate.”

Mz_whumie wrote:

“See me blushing like a fool. What a smart girl.”

Bosehvision wrote:

“She did great. If I were the one, I’d finish each drink before identifying it.”

Officialbatuns asked:

“Why dem no add Agbo Jedi?”

Folayemieee said:

“My child shaa have to love food. My own text to her will be different soup.”

Watch the video shared by @afrifoodnet below:

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