“She’s Too Smart”: Little Girl Climbs Fridge like Super Woman, Video Causes Frenzy

A video of a little girl showing off her ‘navigation’ skills has kept people in stitches.

The little girl’s parents had placed a shelf in a very high position, but the smart girl found a way to get what she wanted inside the shelf.

In a video making the rounds online, the smart girl climbed a fridge to get to the shelf.

As soon as she took hold of the item, she came down, heaved a sigh of relief and stormed out of the kitchen as her mum watched.

Netizens in stitches as little girl climbs fridge like ‘spider woman’

Iamdx2 said:

“Register this kid at Olympics ,wall climbing sport he will do well and win Gold medal for the parents.”

Barbie__zamani29 wrote:

“Hehe baby girl ya not even scared of falling.”

Funnymorgan_ said:

“Too much film don make am learn some kind tricks, kudos bro.”

Preshstagram commented:

“She didn’t even close the cabinet. As though to say “do your worst when you find out!”

Thegeminicookiee stated:

“Me at that age I couldn’t even climb fridge.”

Recipe_with_mandy commented:

“It how he left the crime scene untidy after doing his thing. Who cares?”

Mimilake7474 wrote:

“Na so all the kids when them born during covid dey behave ooo because their parents refuse to social distance themselves.”

Watch the video below:

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