Nigerian boy builds ship, tricycle, bus replicas with woods, photos get people talking

A Nigerian boy, Joshua, has become famous online after photos of his artistic creations surfaced on Twitter.

Photos of his works were posted by a tweep, @omogawd, who said he saw him on his way to Jumaat on Friday, February 19.

In the snaps, the kid designed a tricycle (keke), ship, and a luxurious bus with woods. He posed with one of them.

When Nigerians expressed the need to meet the kid, @omogawd in a subsequent tweet posted his father’s contact and home address.

@henryobisco said:

“Wooden toys for kids. If we are a serious country, the young lad is a company owner.”

@olawaleolu93 said:

“Great talent there bro… I just pray he gets help on time for this and hope that someone will not come and say, no he must be a lawyer.”

@khaozar7 asked:

“How do we help him now? na to just encourage him to do better and hope for a better future.”

@Ogo2908 said:

“Creativity at it best. However the kid needs to be introduced to computer-aided diagrams. That’s what is being used for product/design modeling. Most of us were creative like this while growing up but we were never introduced to that Autocad that will change our life.”


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