“Minding His Business”: Boy Cries in Front of Mum, Baby Sister Tries to Hug & Kiss Brother to Calm Him in Clip

A mother, @boymom2u2, has shared a very emotional video of her children as she said that the kids’ behaviour could teach people about love.

In the clip, a kid threw tantrums as he kept crying. To calm him, his sister offered a hug and he pushed her away. She tried again to kiss him, and he declined.

Lovely siblings cry together

Pained that her effort was futile, she faced the boy and joined him in crying. Touched by her outburst of emotions, he stopped and hugged her.

Sharing the video on TikTok, the mother said:

“If everyone could problem solve as well as these babies, wait for the hug.”

Watch the video below:


If eveeyone could problem solve as well as these babies😍 Wait for the hug 🥹🥹 #toddlertok #toddlersoftiktok #toddlers #love #hugs #fyp #fypシ #momlife

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some of the reactions below:

Mohamed said:

“So you have always that solution in your house.”

banjo said:

“Other boy is busy minding his business.”

Tawker Lee said:

“Potential good man and woman. they know what they had to do.”

praise chelsea said:

“This is exactly how I and my Best friend are when we have issues.”

C.Dozie.C said:

“It had been this way from begining.”


“Me watching it twice because the Gal was cute.”

Honey Bun said:

“So beautiful little angels no the real meaning of love.”

user5930722034066 said:

“I can’t stop watching even after several times.”

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