Meet Nigerian palm wine tapper who bought Mercedes Benz, built a mansion, and sent his wife to University

Palm wine tapping is often seen as a job for the poor, but a Nigerian man who does it has built a mansion. A man named Utobo has also used the money from his business to buy a brand-new Mercedes Benz.

Mama Uka, a well-known comedian, put a video of the man on Facebook. The video went viral and now has 1.7M views.

At the age of 12, Mr Utobo started tapping palm trees and making wine. He used the money he made to build a mansion. He is from Amufi, Enugu Ezike, Enugu state, and he now taps for a living.

When it became clear that making palm wine was his calling, he started tapping again.

Utobo has used the money from his business to build a nice house and buy a brand-new Mercedes Benz.

Utobo’s wife also went to school all the way up to the university level, and he used the business to train her the whole time. When asked how many trees he taps right now, the native wine merchant said that he taps 56 trees right now. He said that he climbs trees for 19 hours every day.

People have been surprised by Utobo’s story because wine tapping is often thought of as a business for the poor.

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