Little Girl Dancing on TikTok Sets the Mood for New Year’s: Mzansi Can’t Believe How the Toddler Can Groove

The new year is approaching, and people are getting ready to dominate. A video showing a little girl busting some fire dance moves has fueled people for 2023.

There is nothing like being energized by the start of another fresh year. Seeing this tiny tot’s confidence gave people the ginger they needed to enter the new year with a bang.

TikTok user Ruth M Brown shared the vibey clip of the little girl dancing to the popular track General Gham by Temple Boys CPT.

The tiny and confident babe doesn’t look older than five, but she dances like a fresh 21-year-old living their best groove life. She is a whole vibe!


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♬ General Gham – Temple Boys CPT

The people of Mzansi are here for the little girl’s energy

This is the energy we should all be entering the new year with. This little girl had many feeling bad about their dancing skills but were energized to smash the year ahead.

Take a look at some of the comments:

@lahna said:

“She’s 3 and 25 at the same time”

@Nelson Bass said:

“I am impressed and terrified at the same time ”

@BullDogg619 said:

“All the new babies are coming out with a more advanced software unit to talented at this age I think I was still drooling and staring at walls”

@Fatima said:

“Why she moves better than me, love this.”

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