Is It That Easy? Reactions As Young Lady Dances & Skips to Rema Calm Down Song In Viral video

A young lady has been celebrated massively online after she shared a video of her dancing to Rema’s Calm Down song while skipping.

In the clip, the lady used the skipping rope during her performance as if it were normal to combine both activities together.

Creative coordination

While the music played on, she tried as much as possible to make her jumps sync with the beat. People were amazed by her coordination.

Watch the video below:


Répondre à @kceebillionz Guys, your support for my choreo is incredible ❤️ Thank you 🤗 #jumprope #cordeasauter #fyp #afrobeats #fitnessmotivation

♬ Calm Down – Rema

At the time of writing this report, the video has gathered close to 6,000 comments with thousands of shares.

Legit.ng compiled some of the reactions below:

LucyPrey88 said:

“This video deserves millions of loves.”

user590146349313 said:

“Either a great skipper or a great dancer. I choose both.”

user5386589730874 said:

“absolutely stunning giiiiiirrrrrrrllllllllllll.”

aliushcka said:

“i’m just gonna let this one here on repet for like 1 milion times ’cause I got such a cood vibe from it.”

keith Dias said:

“simple Video, but a perfect execution of skipping. amazing Lady, always smiling and Happiness in her eyes. Well done.keep up hard work and simple.”

Zah Nzimande said:

“Oh no how I wish but slow but showly I’m getting there.”

Mel Tolley159 said:

“The skipping on it’s own is phenomenal but letting go of and recovering one of the handles is OTT(over the top) serious talent. Bravo.”

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