“I Would Just Start Crying”: Mum Cries out in Video as She Catches Her Little Daughter in a Pool of Her Milk

A video of a Nigerian woman scolding her kid for messing with her tin of milk has sparked reactions on social media.

In a TikTok video, the woman was shocked to catch her little daughter named Precious seated with the milk littered around her.

“Are you stupid?” the irate woman screamed at her child who stood up from the mess she created to another point in the apartment.

She kept on ranting over the mess created until a man believed to be her man came on the scene and picked up the child.

Taking sides with Precious, the man laughed over the mess, telling the screaming woman that it is the child’s time.

Watch the video below:


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Social media reactions

Alexis said:

“I would just start crying at this point cuz shouting on her is a waste of time lol.”

Chizzybea19 said:

“Pls next time don’t say such words to hershes very little for such words to be used on her.”

user37024592443498 said:

“She is not stupid pls dont use such words on her again,love u precious good job.”

Mammie said:

“Me and u know say nah u open am for am u com face ring light to her side chaii Tiktoker.”



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