I Got a Degree but Ended Up Selling Charcoal To Survive: Young Lady Reveals in Viral Video

A young lady who graduated from the university has shown the turn her life took despite the degree she earned through hard work.

Jumping on a popular trend on TikTok, the lady shared her matriculation photo and a video of her packing charcoal for sale.

You will overcome

In the clip, the lady sat on a low stool as she made the charcoal ready for customers. Many took to her comment section to wish her well.

There were some who believed that her time to shine would come soon. Many said her challenge will be history in the future.

She captioned the video:

“When they told you Education is the Key to Success but in reality it’s your padlock for your success.”

Watch the video below:


At the time of writing this report, her video has gathered over 800 comments with more than 500 shares.

Below are some of the reactions:

Sandy Bella said:

“Is a matter of time…u will soon get a job……was in the same situation but my dear all hope is not lost….now working in reputable company.”

Jomo Inusah said:

“Am extremely proud of you. Trust me, you can’t be rich as an employee. Most of our colleagues in neckties are suffering. U are on the right path.”

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