“He’s Creative”: Skilled Little Boy Constructs Crane, Uses it to Lift Objects in Public, His Video Goes Viral

TikTok users are praising a little boy who has shown remarkable engineering talent.

The boy was able to construct a crane which was shown off in a video posted on TikTok by @user425399813381.

Those who have come across the boy’s video in which he used the crane to lift objects agree that he is greatly talented.

Video of a little boy who built a crane

People who gathered watched with a lot of admiration in their eyes as the boy used the crane to lift a toy car and to also perfectly drop it.

He used a remote to control the machine as it worked. A lot of people on TikTok suggested that the boy should be sponsored so as to develop his engineering talent.

Watch the video below:


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Reactions from TikTok users

@Muzaash Senyonga said:

“He needs support by the government.”

@musadumbuya796 said:

“It’s so amazing. Keep it up.”

@user5443533735616 said:

“Government and cooperate body please help this tallent. You can see what this young boy can do.”

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