“Food Anywhere, Anytime”: Nursing Mum Breastfeeds Baby During Her Wedding, Lovely Video Goes Viral

Social media users are reacting to a video of a baby boy suckling his mother during her wedding.

In the TikTok clip shared by Mercy Tom, the baby refused to be left behind in the marital activities.

He apparently wanted to be taken care of too, so he nudged the mum for brea’st milk.

The loving mum fed her child without any hesitation as she signed the dotted lines.

The registrar is a mother

According to Mercy, they were lucky that the registrar who attended to them is a mother too.

She said the registrar had no issues with what she did and just laughed it off as a normal thing.

The lovely video that captured the moment has gone viral and elicited huge reactions on TikTok.

Mercy was praised for not allowing her child to cry for food without getting it because of a wedding.

Watch the video below:


TikTok users praise Mercy for being a good mother

@Wanjiku Mithamo said:

“A mother’s sacrifice. I salute you and congratulations.”

@Mwanamzuri Mrembo commented:

“He said abeg “give me my happiness as you continue with your happiness.”

@Faith said:

“I said my vows and signed the marriage certificate while carrying my son. He didn’t want anyone that day.”

@NasiraWambi commented:

“They will eat anywhere and everywhere. and I will always give him whenever and wherever.”

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