“Congrats Mama”: Emotional Photos Emerge As Nigerian Woman Gives Birth to Twins After 10 Years

Congratulations are in order for a Nigerian couple who just welcomed twin babies.

According to the story posted on Instagram, the man and his wife waited for 10 years before the babies arrived.

Obviously, the babies’ arrival is a huge joy for the family as the man and his wife were seen clutching the babies and brimming with smiles.

Photos of the couple and their children have attracted emotional reactions on Instagram where they were shared by @pregnancybabynyou.

See the post below:

Reactions from Instagram users

@iamkaynwelu said:

“God is Great! So so Good!!! Congratulations mama.”

@nukkyfoods commented:

“Jehovah is great Big Congratulations to the family.”

@yaa_afreh said:

“Thank you Jesus. Congratulations. I tap into this blessing in Jesus name.”

@joycelynomoyen reacted:

“Glory to God! Congratulations to the family.! My aunt’s neighbour that waited 15 years just gave birth to twins also, a boy and a girl! We just thank God for such great testimonies and I pray the Lord answers those believing Him for such a miracle as this. In Jesus name. Amen!”

@mary_ayomi said:

“Promise keeper we say thank you. Congratulations. I’m next to testify in Jesus name.”

@chaddastores commented:

“God is Great! Congratulations to them, and may God bless all those waiting on him for their own bundles of joy.”

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