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Destiny Etiko breaks down in tears as Content creator pulls ‘dead body’ prank on Actress in viral video

A Nigerian Content creator, Untouchable, has shared a video showing Nollywood star, Destiny Etiko, in hysteria after he pulled a prank on her.

The Prankster, who happens to be a close friend to the Actress, set out a plan to prank Destiny just to prove to her that his pranks are real and not staged.

So the Prankster and his crew put logistics together, got cameras rolling so they could watch the bait they had set for Destiny.

In the clip, Destiny is seen making her a way out of a restaurant with the Prankster who promised to buy her food at an exquisite eatery.

On their way , the movie star got into an ugly exchange with a ‘Surgeon’ who was recruited by Untouchable to prank Destiny by accusing her of not paying for her ‘butt enlargement’ surgery.

Events led to one another till Destiny found a supposedly dead human inside her car booth. Untouchable and his colleague made Destiny scream in fear, and plead for assistance in disposing the corpse.

However, when it seemed like things were about to escalate with the screen diva getting teary, Untouchable and his crew confessed that the Actress had been pranked.


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