Beautiful Lady With Handwriting Like Times New Roman Computer Font Shares Video, Wows Many People

A beautiful lady, @emma.somethingsofmylife, has gone on TikTok to share notes that have her handwriting. Many were wowed by how perfect they looked.

The lady said that her teacher once told her that if she does not change her handwriting, she would score zero.

Handwriting like computer font

As a solution, she stated that she had to print out most of her assignments. People who thronged her comment section said that her handwriting looks like it was done with a word processor app.

There were some who likened her handwriting to popular computer fonts. They wanted to know if she could teach the skill.

Watch the video below:


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Comments from netizens

As of the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 12,000 comments with more than 800,000 likes.

Legit.ng compiled some of the reactions below:

Extraordinary_humaN said:

“Literally the human comfortaa font.”

Sarah asked:

“Where did you buy this handwriting I’m looking for a new one?”

George Torres said:

“Omg I love your handwriting.”

Schab said:

“It looks more like a font instead of a handwriting.”

Larra Bug said:

“Now who are the people who can’t read this.”

lovely peaches said:

“Your handwriting is beautiful, it’s like typing in the computer but you need to put space between the word.”


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