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A Look At 5 Celebrities In Their 50’s And Beyond, And Some Outfit Ideas To Recreate From Them

When it comes to outstanding style, age is no barrier. There are plenty of prominent faces like Sola Sobowale, Ireti Doyle, Kate Henshaw, and others proving that style doesn’t have to fade when you hit your 50s and beyond. Here are some of our favourite fifty plus celebrities whose style are only getting better with age.

Below are style tips to recreate from these Celebrities


1. Sola Sobowale

Nollywood actress, Sola Sobowale may be in her late 50s, but she isn’t about to let that stop her from looking fabulous. While the “King Of Boys” star knows that black may be slimming and eternally stylish, she also understands that it’s great to break up all-black with a pop of colour. Sola Sobowale is 58 year old and she’s one stylish celebrity who knows her onions when it comes to fashion and style.


2. Ireti Doyle


Ireti Doyle, 54, is eternally young and never fails to put her best foot forward in terms of elegance. She’s always perfectly put-together, and she has a lot of charisma. Make Ireti Doyle your style inspiration for your next wedding, party, or formal event. Take a lesson from the actress’s rulebook and maintain your attractive appearance.


3. Kate Henshaw


Although she joined the 50s club some months back, Kate Henshaw is also one stylish woman slaying on the fashion scene. Not only is she exceptionally fit for her age, she knows the ensembles to rock in order to keep heads turning.

4. Ngozi Nwosu


58-year-old Actress Ngozi Nwosu illustrates that you don’t have to be afraid of colour as you get older. While black is a classic choice, it can also be exhausting. The right colour dress can warm up your complexion and make your eyes pop.

If you have a light skin tone like Ngozi Nwosu, garments with a yellow undertone, such as red, coral, tan, green, burnt orange, and gold, would look great on you. A simple color-block shift dress is a timeless style that fits in your sixties just as well as it did in your thirties.


5. Joke Silva

The gorgeous thespian is another Nigerian celebrity who never misses an opportunity to look elegant and chic for any occasion she attends. If her makeup is not on point, best believe the 60-year-old would rock a regal outfit.

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