4 Celebrities Who Have Achieved Weight Loss Transformation (Photos)

Some of our favorite celebrities have managed to maintain a proper dieting habit and get involved in several physical activities to achieve a body transformation.

However, I will be sharing with you some of the celebrities that have achieved weight loss transformation;


√ Eniola Badmus

Eniola Badmus has been making headlines in recent times because of her body transformation. The movie star who is formerly known to be very chubby has recently lost some bodyweight through exercise and other weight loss procedures.

This has made her appear more beautiful. Below are stunning pictures of the multi-talented actress.


√ Rick Ross

Rick Ross is a talented musician and Songwriter. The music star was known to be living his life with 350 pounds of his body weight.

He got involved in several weight loss procedures after having two seizures within 24 hours in 2011. This incident helped Ross a lot to completely change his lifestyle as he changed his diet and engaged in weight loss exercises to save his life. Today, he has achieved bodyweight transformation and looks cuter in pictures.


√ Elvina Ibru

Elvina Ibru is among the Nigerian movie stars that have achieved weight loss transformation. Just like Rick Ross, she used to be a lady with a large body size before she decided to lose weight to avoid certain health problems. See pictures of the beautiful actress shoeing how she has transformed after losing weight;


√ Lepacious Bose

Bose Ogunboye popularly known as Lepacious Bose is a Nigerian Comedienne and actress. Bose has inspired lots of women who desire to lose unhealthy weight.

Bose once revealed that her eating habit and other lifestyles she lived in the past resulted in her large body size. Today, she has lost lots of weight through dieting and exercise, this contributed to her nickname “Lepacious Bose.”

See pictures of her below;

Which of these celebrities’ weight loss came as a surprise to you?

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