3 Female Celebrities That Changed The Way They Dress After Giving Their Lives To Christ (PHOTOS)

Over the years, some of our favourite celebrities have dumped their secular lifestyles after announcing that they have given their lives to Christ.


Due to this reason, they have completely changed a lot of things about them; of which the most common is the way they dress.

With this, we bring you 3 female celebrities who changed the way they dress after giving their lives to Christ.


1. Chidinma Ekile

In may 2021, Nigerian singer Chidinma Ekile, best known for her award-winning Afropop song “Kedike”, announced that she has quit secular music, adding that she is now a gospel singer.

According to her, she said;

“My Name Is Minister Chidinma Ekile. I’m A Crusader Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ.”


Chidinma who is now signed to Eezee Concepts, the label that is home to gospel star, Mercy Chinwo, has quit her secular lifestyle and also changed the way she dresses.

In the recent pictures she shared on social media, the singer was seen wearing long dresses covering almost all part of her body, unlike before where she exposes some her body to the public.


See her photo below;


2. Moesha Buduong

In July 2021, popular Ghanaian socialite cum actress, Moesha Boduong claimed she has turned a new leaf, after she gave her life to Christ.

In a video shared on social media, Moesha Boduong who now bears Maurecia Babiinoti Boduong confessed to some wild things she has done in the past.

The actress also revealed that she tried suicide in order to end her life, and she expressed her regret saying;


“I am sorry Ghana, and I’m also sorry for introducing young girls to wealthy and married men.” May God pardon me for my transgressions.”

Following this, Moesha Buduong deleted all her se.xy pictures on her Instagram page as she now posts pictures of where she is well dressed and after church pictures.


See photo below;


3. Yaa Jackson


In May 2020, Ghanaian actress, Yaa Jackson took to her social media page to announce she has given her life to Christ, amidst the rising death across the world caused by Covid-19.

Sharing photos of herself decently dressed in a white dress, she wrote: “Past life over. Recognized my saviour now and in him is life.”


“I’m more than aware now we will die and leave everything on this earth.”

Since Yaa gave her life to Christ, a lot has changed about her dressing, as she now dresses responsibly and moderately unlike before.


See her photo below;

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